Hebrew School

If you elect to send you child to East Brunswick's excellent public schools, there are numerous options for after-school and Sunday based supplementary Hebrew School programs.  Whether you are looking for  just Bar or Bat Mitzvah training or a full Jewish educational experience, there are numerous options to pick from regardless of your religious affiliation or your ability to pay.  Programs are offered from grade school  through high school.

Chabad of East Brunswick

Affiliation: Lubavitch 

Ages: Boys and Girls 6-14

Hours: Sundays, 9:30am - 12:00pm

Tuition: $695 per school year which includes all books, materials, snacks, and prizes. Discount of $100 for second child. There are no membership dues or building fund fees.

Contact:  Rabbi Goodman 732.333.3220 or email  



Chabad Hebrew School offers an education and memories that will inspire children for a lifetime. We create an environment that fosters creativity and supports your child's unique style of learning. Our curriculum instills pride, a sense of history, love for the land of Israel and a genuine understanding of what Judaism is all about.

Chabad Hebrew School offers a unique approach in Judaic studies. Our program is designed for elementary school-age children (ages 6-14) who are otherwise not receiving a formal Jewish education

East Brunswick Jewish Center

Affiliation: Conservative

Ages: Boys and Girls  6 -18
Hours: classes meet on various days, after school and Sunday mornings

Tuition ranges from $180 to $900 depending on grade, plus books. Membership is required, but financial assistance is available.

Contact: Mallory Probert  732.257.7070 or email

The mission of the EBJC Hebrew School is to nurture the development of knowledgeable, caring and committed Jewish children. Through exceptional Judaic studies and Hebrew language immersion, students create a meaningful and joyous connection to their heritage and lifelong love of learning and involvement in the Jewish  community.

An excellent post Bar/Bat Mitzvah high school program is offered that goes beyond traditional classroom and textbook learning.

Temple B'nai Shalom

Affiliation: Reform

Grades: Boys and Girls K-12

Hours: Classes meet Sunday Mornings

Tuition: Contact directly


Contact:  (732) 251-4300 or email



Temple B'nai Shalom

To create a classroom atmosphere that invites the child to learn about Judaism.
To build pride in each child in their Jewish identity.
To teach Jewish values and how these values can be applied in today's world.
To encourage each child to be a caring and sharing individual.
La Mishpacha, which means "the family", a program that involves parents and their children in learning activities.


Torah Links of East Brunswick
(formerly known as Project Gesher)

Affiliation: none

Boys and Girls grades 2 -12

Hours: Sunday 9:30 12:15; weekday evenings for teens.

Tuition: None

Contact:  732.613.1613
          Rabbi Shlomo Landau:
          Rabbi Dovid Gross:


The Jewish Enrichment program for Youth (J.E.P.Y.) combines exciting classroom learning with hands-on activities and creative projects. Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators who possess both a wealth of Jewish knowledge as well as a passion for Judaism. The well developed curriculum includes Hebrew language and reading skills, Bible, Jewish holidays and customs, and many other Jewish subjects. Also includes preparation for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

For teenagers Torah Links offers its MTV program, which has the perfect formula to educate our teens about the relevance, wisdom, and direction that Judaism offers. Our classes are fun, informative, and meaningful. Just ask any of the more than fifty teens that attend on a weekly basis! MTV offers a number of different classes for different ages.

Young Israel of East Brunswick

Affiliation: Orthodox


Contact:  (732) 254-1860 or email









Here at the Young Israel of East Brunswick, teaching our children to love learning, for the sake of learning, is one of our top priorities. It is this love of learning, once instilled in our children, that will keep them coming back to Torah as they move on in their own lives. YIEB offers a number of programs that encourage our children (and their parents), to learn:

We are constantly updating our learning programs based on a combination of feedback from our children and incorporating the topics that seem to be in the forefront of current events.



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