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East Brunswick is blessed with a diversity of religious choices. Whether you are non-practicing, Conservative,  Reform, Traditional, Orthodox or anything in-between, you will  find  everything you need both physically and spiritually for you and your family to live the Jewish life you choose. 

On any given day of the week, you will find numerous Jewish lectures,  activities, adult education, and outreach programs. 

On any given Shabbat,  you are welcome at any of our  three local synagogues and numerous  alternative services located throughout town. 

And for any given meal, enjoy one of the many excellent Kosher Restaurants in the local area.

A community with strong Jewish Sprit


A Welcoming Community.
Regardless if you only attend service once a year or every Sabbath, a warm and welcoming atmosphere awaits you in any of our Synagogues.
A Real Kosher Deli and More.
Numerous Kosher Restaurants, butchers and food stores abound. Where else can you find two kosher Chinese restaurants that will deliver to your door..
Expand Your Jewish Universe. An unlimited number of exciting and free classes are  available everyday of the week for children, teens and adults from both Chabad and TorahLinks..


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