When my wife and I crossed  the Atlantic and immigrated  to New Jersey, we chose  East Brunswick  to be our new home. We, as many, came not from a small Shtetl, but from a large cosmopolitan city in the East.  Based on the  old African proverb: "It takes a village to raise a child", we had found in East Brunswick a Jewish Village to do just that.  As word got back to the old village we had left of  the great advantages in East Brunswick,  many of our families packed up and also crossed the Atlantic to join us.   I'm sure you have heard many variations of this same story before from your own parents, grandparents,  or great grandparents who arrived to America in the old days, but this took place in 1984 when my wife and I left Brooklyn, New York, to find a safe Jewish place to start our family and crossed the Atlantic via the Verrazzano bridge and settled in East Brunswick.

This site is devoted to the next wave of Jewish " immigrants" whether secular or non-secular that are crossing the George Washington Bridge or landing at Newark Airport and are looking for a great place to live and raise a Jewish family. 

The site serves four basic goals:

  1. An online clearinghouse for information on the Town of East Brunswick itself and the Jewish infrastructure. A central point for finding information on the Township, Schools, Parks , Synagogues, Hebrew Schools, Daycare and Activities.
  2. A local real estate search engine, where  perspective homeowners can search for houses for sale. Both Realtors and home owners can add their for sale listings free of charge and let the local community know.
  3. A virtual Jewish Town Center,  where residents and local groups can share community event information, local news or use the classified section (like Craigslist) to find a local part-time job or baby sitter, sell a car or a DVD collection and more, within the local Jewish community.
  4. A vehicle to spread the word that East Brunswick is a great Jewish community, so that we can continue to increase the Jewish population. The more the site is used and linked to, the higher the Google ranking and the more exposure East Brunswick will get across the internet and the country..

We ask of you only one thing. Make this site your own. If you are a local Synagogue or organization, please link directly the site or at least the Real Estate Engine, and let your members know about us. If you are a Real Estate professional, add your listings to the database and tell your Jewish clients  to visit "MyJewishTown.com" to learn more about East Brunswick.  If you are a member of the community,  use the Classifieds to clean out your basement or find a local babysitter.

If you have any suggestion on how to promote or improve this site. please contact us directly. 



The MyJewishTown Team





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